Board of Directors


The SCL LEA Board of Directors governs the SCL LEA.  The Board consists of five (5) Directors.  The County of Los Angeles LEA Director serves as one of the Directors for the SCL LEA.  The City of Los Angeles LEA Director serves as the second Director for the SCL LEA.  The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors appoints a third Director and the Los Angeles City Council appoints a fourth Director.  A member of the Public is nominated and serves as the fifth Director (Public Director).   The Public Director is must also be a registered civil engineer licensed in California and possesses professional expertise dealing with public policy, legal/regulatory matters, and environmental issues related to waste disposal and landfill management.

The Boards’ primary functions are to appoint the Program Manager, provide overall policy guidance and budgetary review, ensure that SCL LEA complies with all legal and statutory requirements, and acts as the liaison to Cal Recycle, the Council and to the Board of Supervisors and the local community.  The Board of Directors of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill LEA Program will ensure that proper program analysis, audits, and oversight are provided.  The Board of Directors is responsible for assuring that all applicable federal, state, regional, and local enactments are being enforced. 

 Board of Directors Members

Appointees by the City Council, City of Los Angeles

Mr. John Weight, Chairman of the Board (on even years), or Secretary of the Board (on odd years), Deputy Superintendent of Building, City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety

Ms. Millie Jones, Representative of City of Los Angeles Councilmember John Lee

Appointees by the County Supervisors, County of Los Angeles

Ms. Shikari Nakagawa-Ota, Chairman of the Board (on odd years), Secretary of the Board (on even years), Branch Director of Environmental Protection, County of Los Angeles Public Health

Mr. David Honda, CEO, DS Honda Construction, Environmental Commissioner, County of Los Angeles

 Public Member

Robert B. Wallace, PE, PEng, MACFEI, Principal Solid Waste Engineer, AECOM, Selected/Approved by the City/County Board of Director Members