1. Sunshine Canyon Landfill Odor Mitigation and Monitoring Project

This section provides information on the topic of the landfill odor issue. Below is list of documents that will provide an overview of the ongoing activities.

The following documents are provided in the "Attachments" section below:

  1. Entrance View Analysis of Conceptual Plan of Entrance Road

  2. Sunshine Canyon Landfill LEA Mitigation and Monitoring Database (Annual update)

  3. Sunshine Canyon Landfill Independent Site Monitoring Status Report

  4. Republic / Sunshine Canyon Landfill's Final Odor Action Plan (June 15, 2012

  5. SCL LEA Comments on the Republic Odor Control Plan (August 1, 2011)

  6. SCAQMD Petition to Amend Stipulated Order for Abatement (October 26, 2011)

  7. SCAQMD Findings and Decision for Third Amended Order for Abatement (Stipulated), Signed Copy, dated December 6, 2016

  8. Interagency Task Force Sunshine Canyon Landfill Odor Mitigation Program Recommendations

  9. Sunshine Canyon Landfill Supplemental Waste Characterization Study (May 2015)

  10. SCL LEA briefing to Technical Advisory Committee (September 29, 2015)

  11. SCL LEA Compilation of Potential Mitigation Practices and Programs September 29, 2015)

  12. SCL LEA Board of Directors' Briefing (December 3, 2015): Update on Board of Directors Motion of April 2, 2015

  13. SCL Intermediate Cover Enhancement Project (June 2016): Folder with proposal details and approval letter posted onto the DropBox link below.

  14. Sunshine Canyon Landfill Comprehensive Waste Characterization Study (May 2016)

  15. SCL LEA presentation to SCL Community Advisory Committee on Alternative Daily Cover and Intermediate Cover Enhancement (November 10, 2016)

  16. SCAQMD Stipulated Abatement Order (Signed by Hearing Board)

  17. Odor Mitigation Best Management Practices and Recommendations for Republic Transfer Stations (February 2017)

  18. Using Remote Sensing to Detect, Validate, and Quantify Methane Emissions from California Solid Waste Operations, Cusworth, Duren, Thorpe, Tseng, Thompson, Guha, Newman, Foster, and Miller. (Environ. Res. Lett. 15 (2020) 054012)

  19. SCL LEA Mitigation Odor Mitigation Data Analysis and Data Mining Files (2021) (Note: This files contains a summary of data and analysis that the SCL LEA utilized to evaluate the impact of the mitigation measures, The file is accessible via the link below (see below, which also has the various references and other files related to odor mitigation), or this data file can be accessed directly by the following links:



  1. SCL LEA published an article in MSW Management Magazine. The article describes the collaborative effort with the SCL LEA with NASA and with Sunshine Canyon Landfill on how data and images from aerial remote sensing of methane emissions were utilized in validating the effectiveness of the odor mitigation measures implemented by the landfill. Use the links below to access the article.

For specific requests and/or for more information, please contact:

For even-numbered years:

Ms. Dorcas (Dee) Hanson-Lugo, REHS, MPA

SCL LEA Program Manager

Sunshine Canyon Landfill Local Enforcement Agency

5050 Commerce Drive

Baldwin Park, CA 91706

(626) 430-5540

Cell (626) 430-5572


For odd-numbered years:

Mr. David Thompson, REHS

SCL LEA Program Manager

Sunshine Canyon Landfill Local Enforcement Agency

3550 Wilshire Boulevard, 18th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 252-3932

Cell (213) 248-2539